Step 1

The first step to any good budget is to work out where your money is going.


At Profolio we’ve worked extra hard to bring together a budgeting calculator just for you. Don’t stress, you are not going to do this exercise every week, remember it’s a once off to find your numbers. But it’s also a good time to check on your providers.

Click through to our Budget Calculator

Click this link and complete entering your data into the budget template, however keep in mind, work on averages. What I mean here, is for each of your utilities, such as gas or electricity, that change amounts throughout the year, work out how much you’ve spent on these bills for the past year, then divide this figure to use as your regular amount. In our budgeting calculator you can set your amounts to annual, monthly, fortnightly, or weekly depending what works best for you and how you get paid. You might need to call your providers to get these amounts if you don’t keep your bills.

Tip: While you are calling providers, find out what deals they offer for paying early. Gas and Electricity companies can give up to 20% discounts for paying your bills before the due date. This is money for jam.

Make sure you include all the expenses you can, when completing your budget.

Once you’ve completed the budget, save a copy somewhere safe so you can reference back to it later.

The good news, most of the hard work is now done.

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