Our Story

How did Profolio become the innovative company that it is and what drives us?


Sarah Rogers the founder of Profolio has been an avid property investor from the age of 21, purchasing her very first property at 20.

The beginning of Sarah’s investing years came about through years of self-education and trial and error. Almost to the point of obsession, Sarah would consume any information she could find on the subject of property and investing. This obsession lead Sarah to begin her formal studies in finance and her move into Finance as a career.

Whilst looking for herself and working as a Financial Planner for other companies, Sarah noticed that there was a lack of advice for clients around property investment and specifically companies that specialised in this area. All the Financial Planning businesses in the region covered super, SMSF, shares and insurance. Although each of these are important, Sarah couldn’t help but notice this is not what the clients coming in were looking for. They wanted someone that could offer unbiased advice on building wealth, either through property or other investments, whilst also taking into account their entire financial position.

This is when Profolio was born…

In late 2015 Profolio was officially launched. Winning accolades such as Financial Planner of the Year 2014 helped put Sarah in a confident position to be taking on strong competition in the area at a young age. Profolio offers property investment advice, financial planning, and mortgage broking services.

“When someone asks what we do at Profolio, it’s tempting to just say we help them on their journey to independent wealth and ultimately, financial freedom.

 But it is a lot more than that! It is the way we do it that makes us different – we first help clients decide where they want to go and how to get there and then we partner with them on the journey – every step of the way.

 We leverage our knowledge, experience, perspectives and niche expertise for their benefit.

 Our investment focus empowers you with strategies that make you wealthier, happier and more financially secure. We’re passionate about always doing the right thing for our clients, even if it isn’t easy. For us it’s about a shared ambition leading to outstanding results.” -Sarah Rogers


Bringing in record breaking new business, this sort of success doesn’t happen by accident, it happens because the region is finally getting what it wanted out of its advice businesses and meeting a specific niche. Profolio operates off a referral basis, a majority of our new business comes through existing clients referring friends and family, or partnering businesses in the community.