Questions About Profolio

  • How do I pay for my advice?

    Depending what we are giving you advice for, you can pay in two ways. You can either have the fees taken from your super fund if applicable, or you can pay the fees via invoice directly. We are happy to work with you for the best option. 

  • How much does it cost?

    Financial Planning is a complex process, depending on what sort of strategy we develop with you depends on the fees. Fees will always be agreed upfront before you need to make a commitment to work with us. Our fee scale ranges from $770 to $4,500 upfront, and our ongoing service packages depend on the services you choose to receive can range from $290pa to $4,400pa.  

  • Is financial planning beneficial?

    Working with a Financial Planner will help you reach your financial goals faster. We act as a financial coach, giving you the tools and the know how to put the right steps in place to reach those goals. Then we work along side you to ensure you get there. 93% of people that have worked with a Financial Planner say they saw benefit over the long term. These sound like great stats to me!

  • What do I bring to my first appointment?

    When you book your first appointment you will be asked basic contact details. Then we will put together a Welcome Pack specifically for you, which includes your meeting date and time, a map to our office or our Skype details, plus a list of what to bring. If you are ever unsure of what to bring you can call our office on (02) 6021 0577.  

  • Do I need a Financial Planner?

    You bet you do! We aren’t just here for the fun of it. We are an important part of your financial team. We are your financial coach. We have the vision to see the possibilities you could achieve and help you get there. Who else stands by you year after year making sure you make the right financial decisions? We do, we are always in your team.


Working With Profolio

  • Can Profolio only advise on certain superfunds or investments?

    Yes indeed. Karma offers a variety of super easy-to-use styling options for a fully custom Header design. Toggle the top-toolbar, adjust the header height, add widgets, select a custom pattern overlay image and more. You can also use Karma’s powerful logo options to position your company’s logo to the left, right or center.

  • How closely will I work with my Financial Planner?

    Karma was designed by an award-winning graphic design team. It comes packed with 30 gorgeous color schemes making Karma the perfect WordPress theme for every type of business. Powerful administration options also enable you to build your very own custom color scheme. Oh and you can also choose a color scheme on a per-page basis allowing for a different color scheme on each and every page of your website.

  • What happens if I don't want to work with the financial planner any more

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  • What happens if my financial planner leaves?

    Yes. There are an absolute abundant amount of design and customization options available in this theme. The even cooler part is that we’ve spent an incredible amount of time in the planning and implementation of these options ensuring that every option baked into Karma is only a few mouse clicks away. Be sure to check out the Design section of this demo site for a more in-depth look.


Using Profolio’s Products

  • Is my privacy protected?

    Yes. Your privacy is protected by Charters Privacy Policy, Charter is our licensee. For more information about our privacy policy. Click here.

  • Does Karma freely include popular plugins such as LayerSlider and Revolution Slider?

    Yes. We’ve invested a nice chunk of money to provide you with the highly popular LayerSlider, Slider Revolution and 3D CU3ER Slider Plugins. Karma is fully optimized, seamlessly integrated and ready to rock-and-roll right out of the box. All plugins are kept entirely up to date so that you can keep your money in your pocket and add amazing functionality to your website.

  • Do you offer free customer support with the Karma theme?

    You betchya! In many ways you could say that our main product is outstanding theme support. It’s what we work on the hardest. 90% of our staff is in some way dedicated to this process. Purchase this theme with confidence in knowing that you will be fully backed by a dedicated team of amazingly friendly website professionals.

  • Any other features I should know about?

    Yes. There is an absolute boatload of additional features included in this theme. The most important feature is that Karma is actually usable. We’ve got a combined 10 years working in the trenches at high-cost marketing firms so we absolutely know what it takes to build a successful and usable website. We continue to get repeat customers because Karma is just so darn easy to use. Please be sure to check out the Features section of this demo site for a more in-depth look.


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