Have you noticed your life is slowly starting to change? Your time used to be spent running the kids to their activities and now the kids are getting older and planning to move out soon or have already gone. Now you can spend some time thinking about you again. Retirement doesn’t seem quite that far away and it’s now a goal for you to pay off your mortgage rather than how to get one.

As life changes your finances need to change with it.

Are you finding you are thinking more and more about retiring for good and holidaying more?

Or thinking about what you should do with your finances once the kids leave home?

Or want to look at ways that you can enjoy the freedom that comes with retirement earlier without stopping entirely what you do every day and love?

If yes, then this is for you.

Sarah Rogers, our award winning Financial Planner is wanting to offer something a little bit different for those needing financial advice but wanting to get an idea of what to expect before committing.



Complete this quick 10 minute questionnaire by clicking here and Sarah will review your answers. You will then receive an email confirming the time for your quick 10 minute Free Financial Health Check to take place over the next few business days. This time is based on the availability you list when completing the survey.


Sarah will share with you in your 10 minute discovery call:
-Areas that you need to look at with your finances and ideas of what you could do to optimise your current situation.
-Let you know if you are on track with your retirement savings and why what you do when you are young will make your life so much easier later on.
-See how your budget looks compared to our ideal 50/30/20 budget system (point out areas you may be over spending) and give you tips for how much you should be spending and on what.
-Give you general advice to help you reach your financial goals.
-Discuss different investment options and any other high level strategies with you.




This is available for Australian residents only.
Once our available timeslots are full we won’t be taking any more surveys. We will leave this to our discretion. First in best dressed with completed surveys.
The information provided will be general information only.