What makes a good property manager- By Kaly Smith

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Have you just purchased your first investment property and thinking now what? Or not satisfied with the way your portfolio is being managed?

This is your investment future, therefore you need to ensure you are putting it in the right hands of someone who offers the knowledge, passion and experience. Would you put your hard earned cash with an amateur bank or in a bank who offers service and a good price where you know your money will maximize itself with interest earnings.

When looking for someone to manage your biggest asset you need to look for a team who is passionate and 100% dedicated to reducing all risks associated with your investment property. A team who will strive to maximise your income, optimise capital growth opportunities and skilfully represent you throughout your entire experience.

A good property manager needs to be making you and your investment money, ensuring tenant rent is paid on time, that rent reviews are done, all maintenance is reported and completed to ensure the property stays in a good condition. As an investor, take into consideration large maintenance expenses, we generally recommend allowing for $1,000 per year for any maintenance. Not completing maintenance which is necessary on the property will quickly de-value the sale and rental price of the property and gives the tenant the impression you may not care about your property which then may mean the tenant may start feeling like they don’t care about your property as well and may stop paying rent on time or not maintaining the property in a clean and tidy manner.

A good property manager should go above and beyond for you and your investment and provide you with the advice and knowledge on how to increase your rental returns.

Our agency can offer you all of the above and for exclusive Profolio clients we are offering a special one off rate of 5.5 % management fee. If you would like any further information on our services or a general chat then don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can find our more about Kaly and KS Property Solutions on their website or their Facebook page.


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