Are you sure you want to be a property investor but not sure how to find a good property to buy or even where to start?

Are you spending your time trying to do the figures to see if it’s profitable but still not sure if it’s a good investment that will bring you returns or will just end up costing you more money in the end?

Do you want to look for unbiased expert financial advice from a property investment consultant in Albury Wodonga that doesn’t actually want to sell you a property and therefore isn’t chasing commissions?

The answer to all these questions and more for us at Profolio was yes!

Yes, we wanted advice off qualified professionals and consultants.

Yes, we were struggling to find a property to meet our needs and ensuring the figures were right. We spent numerous hours juggling rental yield calculators, stamp duty calculators, mortgage repayment calculators to get the right figures and then entering all of that data into an excel spread sheet to see the outcome without having a central program that calculates it all for you.

Yes, we wanted advice that was unbiased; meaning not off someone that was trying to sell us a property for their hit of commission.

Yes, we wanted advice off qualified professionals and consultants. The Property Investment Advice industry is unregulated unlike Financial Planning or Mortgage Broking which means there are people with no formal qualifications providing advice on investing in property. We are a corporate member of Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) the peak Property Investment Industry Association and our advisors& consultants have the highest level of qualification available, and are all Qualified Property Investment Advisors (QPIA®). View for more information.

As avid property investors ourselves we saw a real need in the industry, this coupled with our combined experience, from a mortgage Broking background and a Financial Planning background developed Profolio Property Investment Advisory, your property portfolio’s best friend.

Purchasing investment properties from 21 years old, it is a passion for us here at Profolio. Actually more than a passion, it is an obsession for us, that is why we are now building our business around it. Helping you to build an investment portfolio and align your purchases to meet your goals is what we are about at Profolio. You don’t invest in property just to own property; it is to help you achieve your goals. You buy property to ensure that you have the income to enjoy your retirement or give your kids the education they deserve. Whatever your goal, property is the vehicle to get you there.


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To all new clients we are currently offering a FREE first Property Investment Discovery Session. Valued at $330.

In this session we will explore where you are currently, where you want to be, and look at different ways using property investment we can help you get there.
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