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Our process

  • Understand how we will work with you

    Phase 1: Understand Your Situation
    Discover your “Big Why”. What does money mean to you? What does it give you? What outcomes are you looking for?
    Confirm whether we are the best fit for you
    Assist you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire in order for us to best understand your current situation

    Phase 2: Decide where you want to be
    We assist with goal setting and look at your future plans
    We work with you to set realistic time frames
    We will determine what you do and don’t want from your investments

    Phase 3: Develop a plan that will take you where want to go
    We will develop a step by step plan to help you achieve your goals
    We will provide a “Plan B”, in case something goes wrong (life has a way of getting in the way sometimes)
    Alternative strategies to still achieve your goals

    Phase 4: Implementation of your plan
    Determine the level of assistance you want or need
    Meetings are scheduled for updates, questions and discussions
    Investment sourcing begins

    Phase 5: Profolio Tracking Meeting
    Keeps both yourself and us accountable
    Track results. Report to you on existing assets and their financial return, the state of the market, current trends, possible new investments, and check your overall progress.
    Set new goals and update objectives to ensure we are still on track

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