Information Checklist


For your first meeting which we like to call; Your Goal Discovery and Strategy Session, it is important that you bring as much of the key information as possible listed below. This allows us to understand your current financial situation, and put the best plans in place to help you.


  • Details of your income (e.g. copy of a pay slip).
  • Details of your personal assets (e.g. home, motor vehicles etc).
  • Details of current bank account balances.
  • A copy of your budget (if you have one) or an estimation of your total household expenditure.
  • Details of your liabilities (e.g. loans, cards, etc incl balance, interest rate, term, payments).
  • Your tax file number & drivers license (for lost super search and identity check)
  • Copies of latest insurance statements/policies including:
    • – Any life insurance policies (including total and permanent disability, trauma, income protection insurances etc).
  • Copies of latest investment statements (e.g. managed funds, shares, unit trusts etc).
  • Copies of latest superannuation statements.
  • Any previous financial plan/s (also known as Statements of Advice or SoA).
  • If you have a Will, the date your Will was last reviewed.
  • Investment Property details (cost base and ongoing cashflow, depreciation schedules etc).
  • Details of any other financial matters that might be relevant.



The more information gathering we can do in your initial meeting the more thoroughly we will be able to understand your current situation, and the better we will be able to assist you in achieving your financial goals.



If you have any concerns regarding the above list or require any clarification, please contact our office on (02) 6021 0577, and we will be happy to assist you.