Choosing the right people to surround yourself with in your investment journey is imperative to your success. As the quote by Jim Rohn suggests, ‘You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with most.’ Keeping this in mind, having a great team also makes you better. Although self education is important to your success, you don’t need to know everything, you have professionals for that who are paid to know.


This is a list of people you should have in your investment team, all these people should be working together for you, to give you the best outcome. If you don’t have professionals you can trust in this field contact us and we can provide you with our ‘How to guide on choosing a professional,’ which outlines what to look for, what to look out for, and what to ask.


An Accountant

Look for someone with experience in trusts, companies and self managed super funds, tax minimisation and money management. Of course, if you have investment properties its a great idea to source an accountant with knowledge in that field.

A Solicitor

To assist with asset protection, wills, property, transfers and guarantees. All things legal!

A Financial Adviser

To advise on your whole future financial picture, including superannuation, SMSF’s, managed funds, shares, personal insurances and retirement planning.

A Mortgage Broker

For your credit planning, loan structuring and sourcing, and money management. Setting your finance up right could be the difference in you owning one property or three.

A Property Investment Adviser

To assist with your property investment strategies, recommendations and planning. A property investment adviser worth their salt will be able to help you see how your properties have performed, whether you should buy more and when and tell you what timeframe until you reach your goals. Plus tell you what you should be looking for in an investment property purchase.

A Buyer’s Agent

Who will be responsible for selecting, negotiating and securing  investment-grade property assets.


My 3 tips

  1. I would ask each of these professionals if they personally invest in the asset you invest in, be that property, shares, or even art… If you are a property investor and you are going to an accountant who say they specialise in property investment, however hold none of their own investments, it makes you wonder why they don’t practice what they preach doesn’t it?
  2. Always ensure you understand how they are getting paid, this is especially true for ‘buyers agents,’ or otherwise known as ‘property spruikers’ who get paid by the developer to sell properties. And remember, if you are paying them directly they are working for you, if you are not they are working in someone else’s best interest. Do not get these confused.
  3. Make sure your team are talking to each other. If your accountants telling you to do something one way, your mortgage broker another and your property investment adviser another who are you to trust? These professionals should be communicating regularly, they should be on the same page and all know where you are heading and why each professional has recommended their recommendation and work together to give you the best outcome.